PlexPrep in action

Workflow Solutions

Increase laboratory productivity with a variety of product features and integrated solutions designed to maximise laboratory real estate, minimise hands-on time and easily fit into your existing workflow.


Improve productivity and maximise laboratory throughput with the PlexPrep® liquid handling system. Automate sample preparation for extraction or qPCR set-up with this compact system with integrated touchscreen.

  • Compatible with 96- and 384-well plates
  • Consistent pipetting action and long lifespan
  • Accurate and reproducible performance
PlexPrep_Mastermix set up


SpeeDx Analysis software is a validated analysis solution with intelligent design to automate results calling from multiplex or multi-well assays in a couple of clicks. Now you have a single, license-free software solution for all your routine PCR analyses.

  • Streamlined workflow with simple set-up and operation
  • Audit-trail and searchable databases
  • Multiple user support & traceability with unique log-ins
  • High security, GDPR compliant cloud-based system


SpeeDx kits are validated on a range of extraction and qPCR instrumentation to fit easily into your laboratory. Kits are designed with complimentary workflow to streamline testing and enable multiple assays to be run simultaneously. Validated on a range of specimen types and collection vessels.

Scientist using MagnaPure instrument


Have confidence in the results your laboratory reports with the knowledge that SpeeDx kits undergo constant monitoring with dedicated teams and external quality programs. Systematic and regular in silico and in vitro studies are performed to meet quality standards and ensure all tests stay relevant to circulating strains.

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