Improve productivity with PlexPrep® Automation

Robotic pipetting for sample extraction preparation, master mix and qPCR reaction set-up

Why use PlexPrep®?

Replace manual pipetting steps with simple-to-use, compact robotics. Maintain precision and optimise speed, using high quality Hamilton technology.

PlexPrep® automation allows you to:

  • streamline laboratory workflow
  • increase testing capacity
  • shorten turn-around-times
  • free up laboratory staff

Compatible with a range of SpeeDx assays, PlexPrep® is a valuable addition to any laboratory.

PlexPrep® workflow solution

PlexPrep® brings accuracy and simplicity to your lab. Automate sample extraction preparation, qPCR set-up, or both for a complete solution. Easily implemented into your existing workflow or setting.

  • Compatible with 96- or 384-well
  • Compatible with a range of specimen types and collection devices
  • Compact system (63.5cm x 53.4cm, 41.6kg) with integrated touchscreen
  • Includes liquid level detection and monitored air displacement
Want PlexPrep® in your laboratory?