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Panel Discussion Session | Resistance Guided Therapy

Dr Andrew Winter, Dr Helen Fifer and Dr Charles Cartwright share their insights and experiences on Resistance Guided Therapy as part of an interactive Q&A session.

Dr Andrew Winter & Dr Elizabeth Moss | From the lab to the clinic: Finding your feet with molecular resistance testing

Drs Winter, Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, UK, and Moss, Clinical Fellow in Emergency Medicine, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, UK, share practical learning from their experience of introducing molecular resistance testing for gonorrhoea into a large urban population. They discuss implementation considerations and describe how these systems helped influence treatment decisions. Including examples where molecular resistance testing made a difference in patient management.

Dr Helen Fifer | Failure of Empiric Therapy of Gonorrhoea

Dr Fifer, Consultant Microbiologist, Lead microbiologist for bacterial STIs, Public Health England, shares an overview of the emergence of resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the United Kingdom. Describing cases exhibiting failed empirical therapy and the process of including Resistance Guided Therapy in the UK gonorrhoea guidelines.

Dr Charles Cartwright | Introduction to Resistance Guided Therapy

Dr Cartwright, Senior Vice President of Clinical Affairs at SpeeDx, introduces ResistancePlus® GC, the concept of Resistance Guided Therapy and how it can play a part in managing emerging resistance in gonorrhoea. Testing for gonorrhoea using ResistancePlus® GC supports an informed treatment decision, helping to preserve last-line therapy options through the practice of antimicrobial stewardship.

Catriona Bradshaw | Evolution of Resistance Guided Therapy

Catriona shares her extensive experiences of resistance guided therapy in the clinic, including her early access to ResistancePlus MG FleXible – near patient macrolide resistance testing for Mgen infections – and the expected impact of near-patient testing.

Dr. Jørgen Skov Jensen

Dr. Jørgen Skov Jensen, Head of Bacterial STI Research Department Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark Speaks about Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen) and rising rates to first and second line antibiotic treatment, new test technology to address resistance rates and introduces ResistancePlus MG on the Cepheid GeneXpert.

Dr. Kate Templeton

Dr. Kate Templeton, Director Scottish Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections Reference Laboratory (SBSTIRL) Speaks about gonorrhoea diagnostics and rising rates of antibiotic resistance. Discusses how implementing ResistancePlus GC can help guide treatment towards ciprofloxacin and help address rising rates of antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Dr. Leanne Sammels

Leanne shares her experience of integrating resistance guided therapy into existing laboratory testing practices. Learn how she navigated additional clinician communications and workflow considerations to ensure clinically relevant turn around times.

Dr. Emily Goldstein

Dr. Emily Goldstein, Senior Biomedical Scientist, West of Scotland Specialist Virology Centre, Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Discusses rising rates of Syphilis and the importance of including molecular tests when diagnosing symptomatic lesions. Assesses PlexPCR VHS test for lesion diagnostics.

Prof. Vincent Cattoir

Prof. Cattoir showcases the SpeeDx STI testing solution from CT/GC/MG/TV screening through to reflex testing for antimicrobial resistance to enable Resistance Guided Therapy.

Dr. Maria Trent

Dr Maria Trent Professor of Pediatrics, Nursing & Public Health Johns Hopkins University shares her work and success addressing health disparities in young women with pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), fertility issues, and general sexual health of the Baltimore population.

Dr. David Lewis

Dr. David Lewis from Westmead Clinical School and Western Sydney Sexual Health District speaks about the clinical utility of ciprofloxacin susceptibility testing when treating gonorrhoea. SpeeDx Satellite Dinner at IUSTI Asia Pacific Conference 2018.

A/ Prof David Whiley

A/ Prof David Whiley of Pathology Queensland & University of Queensland speaks about the design and application of diagnostic molecular tests for antibiotic resistance in gonorrhoea. SpeeDx Satellite Dinner at IUSTI Asia Pacific Conference 2018.

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