Compact, simple-to-use robotics for precision liquid handling

Supporting scalable throughput

Why use the PlexPrep®?

Replace manual pipetting steps with simple-to-use, compact robotics. Maintain precision and optimise speed, using high quality Hamilton technology.


PlexPrep® automation allows you to:

  • Streamline laboratory workflow
  • Increase testing capacity
  • Shorten turn-around-times
  • Free up laboratory staff

PlexPrep® workflow solution

The PlexPrep® provides a simple, benchtop automation solution that utilizes existing equipment and requires minimal training of staff.

  • Scalable throughput – easily adapt your workflow to meet demands caused by sudden surges
  • High pipetting accuracy and precision – reduce any manual errors
  • Simple touchscreen programming – easy-to-use protocols allows staff to press Start and walk away
  • Compatible with 96- & 384-well formats – capable of always meeting your testing needs
Air Displacement Technology

Air Displacement Technology

– No system liquid, pumps, tubing or priming required

– Utilising air-displacement pipetting operation

CO-RE Technology

CO-RE Technology

– Compression-induced O-Ring Expansion

– Force free tip pick up and ejection preventing tip deformities

Anti-Droplet Control

Anti-Droplet Control

– Controls pressure within the tip during transportation of liquid

– Adjusts pressure by performing small aspirations to keep fluid in the tip

Capacitive Liquid Level Detection

Capacitive Liquid Level Detection

– Capacitance sensors detect the liquid level

– Conductive CO-RE tips facilitate capacitance sensing


To see if your current SpeeDx assay is compatible with the PlexPrep®, contact [email protected]

Publications & Media

We are committed to supporting continued scientific discovery and generation of clinically relevant data. Collaborations with key researchers and clinicians around the globe help us improve diagnostics and address urgent clinical needs.

Evaluation of a PlexZyme-Based PCR Assay and Assessment of COVID-19 Surge Testing Throughput Compared to Cobas SARS-CoV-2

Pryce T. M et al. Pathogens 2021; 9:1088. DOI: 10.330/pathogens10091088.

Tested 415 nasopharyngeal swab samples with SpeeDx RUO SARS-CoV-2 assay against the Roche cobas® SARS-CoV-2 assay. Compared surge testing capacity with SpeeDx workflow against cobas® workflow, demonstrating 19% less hands-on time and 155% increased throughput .


Check back for more relevant papers and publications coming soon.

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