Our Research and Innovation team of scientists are serial inventors, constantly working on improving critical diagnostic tests and related technology. Through our own research and in collaboration with leading diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and laboratory partners, we are positively impacting patient care and global healthcare outcomes.

Workflow Solutions

Increase laboratory productivity with a variety of product features and integrated solutions designed to maximise laboratory real estate, minimise hands-on time and easily fit into your existing workflow.

Scientist using PlexPrep workflow instrument

Resistance Guided Therapy

Our proprietary PlexZyme®and PlexPrime® technology has made Resistance Guided Therapy easily accessible to many clinicians, empowering them to make informed patient decisions, improving patient management.


Class-leading PlexPCR® is the engine driving the entire SpeeDx product range, utilising two proprietary technologies: PlexZyme® and PlexPrime®. This technology enables high performance and reliable multiplex qPCR compared to other probe-based methods.

PlexZyme binding to target and cleaving a probe


SpeeDx PlexPCR® technology has helped transform Infectious disease diagnostics. Through our partnerships and collaborations, we have significantly impacted cancer diagnosis and treatment, supported development of novel antibiotics, and extended access to infectious disease diagnostics around the world. Browse our collaborations to understand the true power of PlexPCR®.

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