STIPlex MG+23S

Research Use Only

The STIPlex MG+23S* is a qualitative 1-well, multiplex qPCR assay with improved detection for Mycoplasma genitalium and 5 mutations at positions 2058 and 2059 in the 23S rRNA gene associated with azithromycin resistance (A2058G, A2059G, A2058T, A2058C, and A2059C, Escherichia coli numbering). 
The presence of any of these polymorphisms confers resistance to macrolide antibiotics (i.e., azithromycin). These components use PlexPCR® (PlexZyme® & PlexPrime®) technology.

Why use STIPlex MG+23S?

  • Provides 3 readouts
    • Readout 1 detects the Mycoplasma genitalium MgPa gene.
    • Readout 2 detects a A2058C/G/T or A2059C/G mutation in the Mycoplasma genitalium 23s rRNA gene.
    • Readout 3 is a control to monitor extraction efficiency and qPCR inhibition
  • Compatible with liquid handling systems, 96- and 384-well reaction formats
  • Compatible with the  real-time detection system:
    • LightCycler® 480 II Instrument
    • Bio-Rad CFX96 IVD / CFX96 Touch
    • ABI 7500/ ABI 7500 Fast / ABI 7500 Fast Dx
    • ABI QuantStudio 5/ ABI QuantStudio 7
  • For Research Use Only
sars-cov-2 alpha/beta/gamma omicron

Ordering Information

Product Compatible Size Catalogue
STIPlexMG+23S* ABI QuantStudio 5/7 100 reactions


*PlexPrime® products are research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures

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