PlexZyme Binding


Class-leading PlexPCR® is the engine driving the entire SpeeDx product range, utilising two proprietary technologies: PlexZyme® and PlexPrime®. This technology enables high performance and reliable multiplex qPCR compared to other probe-based methods.


PlexPCR® tests combine multiple, clinically relevant infectious disease targets into a single test solution – simplifying patient diagnostics and streamlining patient management. Increase your instrument real estate by decreasing the number of wells required per sample.

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Magnifying glass over graphs showing the results of DNA sequencing


ResistancePlus® tests combine organism detection with genetic markers linked to antibiotic susceptibility or resistance – providing valuable information to guide treatment decisions. Multiple single point mutations can be multiplexed into a single-well reaction to streamline workflow and maximise instrument realestate.

PlexZyme® Technology

Multiplexing Accelerated

Proprietary PlexZyme® technology provides 5-levels of specificity, market-leading multiplex performance and is the driver behind the entire SpeeDx product portfolio.

PlexPrime® Technology

Multiplex Mutation Detection

PlexPrime® is a novel method for nucleic acid amplification that creates amplicons which are distinctly different from the parent sequence. The combination of PlexPrime® and PlexZyme® technology enables multiplex mutation detection with high sensitivity and specificity.

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