Resistance Guided Therapy for Improved Patient Management

Is it unethical to treat Mgen without testing for resistance first?


Prevalence of mutations associated with resistance to macrolides

A recent meta-analysis by Dr Machalek et al, from Royal Women’s Hospital Centre for Women’s Infectious Diseases, highlights the alarming rise in global macrolide resistance and the strategies they recommend, including RGT, to combat the rise.

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Open Letter: Emerging macrolide resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium

Cools and Padalko, Department of Diagnostic Sciences, Ghent, Belgium, lay the foundations for an interesting debate on the state of STI testing and treatment. With the alarming global rise in macrolide resistance, highlighted in the Machalek et al meta-analysis, Cools and Padalko believe ‘it is unethical not to offer systematic resistance testing before treatment of M. genitalium infection”

Read the Lancet open letter

Resistance Guided Therapy


The misuse and overuse of antibiotics has impacted their effectiveness globally. Diagnostics that detect infection and genetic markers for antibiotic resistance in a single test enable you to implement Resistance Guided Therapy (RGT). Utilising an RGT approach is clinically demonstrated to improve patient cure rates1 and is recommended by international bodies as the preferred method of treatment for infections such as Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen) or gonorrhoea.2-6

Patient’s experience with RGT

Resistance Guided Therapy positively  impacts  patient experience. Watch the videos to learn about Chris and Luke:
two patients who contracted Mycoplasma genitalium infections but with very different personal stories.

Meaningful results. Empowered decisions.


Prof. Catriona Bradshaw from Melbourne Sexual Health Centre successfully implemented Resistance Guided Therapy (RGT) for Mycoplasma genitalium infections — dramatically improving patient cure rates in her clinic. In this seminar she discusses further improvements and developments that can bring RGT closer to the patient.

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Read the paper describing the clinical success of RGT for Mycoplasma genitalium infections at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre


Watch the video describing two patient journeys, their experiences with Mycoplasma genitalium, and the impact of RGT


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