PlexPrep in action

Workflow Solutions

Increase laboratory productivity with a variety of product features and integrated solutions designed to maximise laboratory real estate, minimise hands-on time and easily fit into your existing workflow.


Improve productivity and maximise laboratory throughput with the PlexPrep® liquid handling system. Automate sample preparation for extraction or qPCR set-up with this compact system with integrated touchscreen.

  • Compatible with 96- and 384-well plates
  • Consistent pipetting action and long lifespan
  • Accurate and reproducible performance
PlexPrep_Mastermix set up

PlexPrep® v
Manual Pipetting

How do you set up a 96-well qPCR plate?
Would your team benefit from SpeeDx PlexPrep®
Liquid Handler.

Scalable throughput

  • Improve efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Streamline workflow and reduce hands-on-time*
  • Process up to 5,760 samples in 24 hours**


*End-user requires validation with their workflow

**Workflow includes multiple extractors and qPCR instruments utilising 384-well plates

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