SpeeDx, Get to know us!

      SpeeDx specialize in molecular solutions that go beyond simple detection to also offer comprehensive information on antibiotic resistance.

      Founded in 2009 by two female entrepreneurs, SpeeDx is a global company with offices in Austin, London and Sydney, and distributors across Europe.

      SpeeDx Assays

      SpeeDx assays apply innovative multiplexing technology to research focussed on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), antibiotic resistance markers, respiratory infections and more.

      SpeeDx Assays are Research Use Only (RUO), not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.

      Sexually Transmitted Infections

      SpeeDx STI Research Use Only (RUO) assays are designed to identify key organisms and inform on antibiotic resistance markers.

      Respiratory Infections

      SpeeDx Respiratory Research Use Only (RUO) assays simplify your approach, allowing identification of important viral organisms.

      Specialized Reagents

      SpeeDx also have a range of Specialized Research Use Only (RUO) assays

      sars-cov-2 alpha/beta/gamma omicron

      Workflow Solutions

      For those large research projects, let SpeeDx help you improve productivity and efficiency in your laboratory.

      PlexPrep_Mastermix set up
      PlexPrep® Automation

      The SpeeDx PlexPrep® will simplify workflow processes and reduce manual handling, providing robotic pipetting for sample extraction preparation, master mix and qPCR reaction set-up.

      Innovative Technology

      SpeeDx propriety technology relies on innovative real-time polymerase chain reaction technology to driven market-leading multiplex detection and priming strategies.

      Multiplexing Experts 

      At SpeeDx, we apply novel approaches to traditional qPCR. The PlexZyme® and universal probes are integral components of our patented qPCR techniques, providing clean, specific amplification with vast multiplexing capabilities.

      Streamlined. Flexible. Scalable. Workflows that work for you.