New innovative technology

Next Generation PCR Multiplexing 

SpeeDx has developed a new innovative approach to PCR technology that can double the typical target output. PCR is considered the gold standard for identifying infections. However, current laboratory solutions are frequently unfit to meet testing requirements, due to assay and instrumentation costs or inefficient testing workflow.

Using a novel approach to conventional PCR, SpeeDx has created the highly multiplexed, scalable, and affordable PlexPlus® technology. Allowing detection of multiple target readouts within each channel during qPCR, PlexPlus® technology enhances multiplexing capacity and enables higher sample throughput.

Let PlexPlus® technology do all the work whilst using standard qPCR equipment found within most laboratories, eliminating the need for specialized equipment.

How does it work?

PlexPlus® technology employs specialized universal probes with PlexZymes® to cleave temperature-dependent PlexProbes®. Subsequent fluorescence is then acquired at two temperatures across multiple wavelengths in real time.

This technology enables up to six common wavelengths to be monitored simultaneously. Real-time target-specific data is obtained within each channel at either a low or high temperature, with no crosstalk. This eliminates the need for intricate algorithms to determine readings from various targets measured at the same wavelength, resulting in streamlined result analysis for laboratories.

Providing two results per channel, assays powered by PlexPlus® technology may immediately benefit labs by doubling the typical output of their qPCR systems.

Learn about our inaugural assay — RespiV PlexPlus®