Simplify dermatophyte detection with DermatoPlex*

Research reagents to detect key dermatophyte targets

Designed with trusted PlexPCR® technology, DermatoPlex rapidly detects key dermatophyte targets, multiplexed in a single well. Simplify your dermatophyte testing with an upstream PCR assay capturing the most common organisms causing infection, whilst reducing hands-on-time, result interpretation subjectivity and time to result, compared to traditional mycology methods.

DermatoPlex was designed to simplify your dermatophyte testing process

Improve laboratory processes

  • Reduce the burden on specialised staff with our easy workflow
  • Freedom to test as samples arrive
  • Under 2 hours for DermatoPlex PCR results
  • Don’t wait weeks for culturing and microscopy

Upfront detection

  • Focus your search with DermatoPlex
  • Detect the dominant organisms causing dermatophyte infection
  • Rapid detection >90%1 of your samples
  • Targets for Trichophyton rubrumTrichophyton mentagrophytes and Candida species (including albicans, glabrata, orthopsilosis, tropicalis, and parapsilosis)

Save time, increase efficiency and productivity

  • Reduce staff hands-on time
  • Gain results in hours compared to weeks
  • Improve efficiency – Rapidly process samples
  • Increase productivity – Allow staff to focus elsewhere

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*DermatoPlex is research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures

1Private pathology provider, n=770, 2021.

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