Exciting expansion as SpeeDx adds concise gastroenteritis panels to their Research offerings

EntericPlex* products Sharpen Your Focus

SpeeDx have released a suite of gastroenteritis panels, the three EntericPlex RUO assays, each with up to 5 targets in a single-well multiplexed qPCR/NAAT assay⎯differing from much more extensive and expensive low-throughput panels. Research relevant pathogens ⎯ maximize efficiency with focused enteric panels. Choose from our range of concise enteric panels detecting common parasitic or bacterial gastroenteric pathogens.

EntericPlex Parasite*, EntericPlex Bacteria I*, and EntericPlex Bacteria II* detect a range of common bacterial and parasite targets, allowing researchers to focus on relevant targets.

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*SpeeDx EntericPlex Assays are Research Use Only, and not to be used in Diagnostic Procedures