Mycoplasma genitalium bacteria, coloured transmission electron micrograph (TEM)

MG+23S (675)

The MG+23S (675) kit is a 1-well qPCR multiplex consisting of 3 readouts.

Use in early stage research to better understand Mycoplasma genitalium and mutations which can impact antibiotic susceptibility or resistance.

Why use MG+23S (675)?

  • For Research Use Only
  • Provides 3 readouts
    • Readout 1 detects the Mycoplasma genitalium MgPa gene.
    • Readout 2 detects a A2058G, A2059G, A2058C, A2059C or A2058T mutation in the Mycoplasma genitalium 23S rRNA gene.
    • Readout 3 is a control to monitor extraction efficiency and qPCR inhibition. The assay is compatible on the real-time detection system BioRad CFX96.

Note: The Internal Control (CM3) provided with this kit contains a fluorophore specific for the BioRad CFX96 Instrument.

Scientist using thermocycler

Ordering Information

Product Size Catalogue
MG+23S (675)* 100 reactions 7005001
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