Bringing diagnostics up to speed to tackle antimicrobial resistance

Alison Todd and Elisa Mokany are developing diagnostic tests that can detect antimicrobial resistance at their award-winning Sydney biotechnology company SpeeDx.

Just over a decade ago, biotechnology researchers Alison Todd and Elisa Mokany had one simple goal: to develop diagnostic tests that trumped all others on the market. Their vision was to create a two-in-one test that could identify disease-causing pathogens while also pinpointing genetic markers for antibiotic resistance. The idea was to help clinicians prescribe the most effective drug for each individual patient, an approach known as personalised medicine. 

“We always had the goal to develop something that was really beneficial, cost effective, and easy to use,” says Mokany, who is chief technology officer at SpeeDx. “There is a clear medical need here that is not currently being serviced by anyone else.”


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Article originally appeared online | NSW Government| Health website May, 2023.