Resistance Guided Therapy

Clinical data supports Resistance Guided Therapy for gonorrhoea

Important clinical data published in Clinical Infectious Diseases demonstrated practical effectiveness of Resistance Guided Therapy for treating gonorrhoea. Led by Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, Professor of epidemiology and medicine at UCLA, the study utilised molecular tests to identify gonorrhoea infections that were susceptible to ciprofloxacin – a simple oral antibiotic that was taken out of frontline therapy for gonorrhoea in 2007.  All patients that indicated a genetic susceptibility for ciprofloxacin were successfully treated with a single dose, providing strong clinical evidence to support the use of Resistance Guided Therapy for gonorrhoea.

Ceftriaxone is the current frontline gonorrhoea treatment, representing our last line of defence in terms of available antibiotics. This antibiotic is administered by intramuscular injection, requiring trained medical staff and a local anaesthetic to ease the pain. Alternative gonorrhoea treatments are a strong focus for health bodies around the world and diagnostics are a key element of the concerted response to combat the threat of multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea.

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