FIND Collaborate with SpeeDx and QuantuMDx

FIND Collaborate with SpeeDx and QuantuMDx

The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) are supporting a collaboration with SpeeDx and QuantuMDx to assess the feasibility of developing low-cost point of care (POC) tests for common sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

FIND defined the key project in response to urgently needed solutions for POC diagnosis of gonorrhoea as well as susceptibility to existing antibiotics, and is part of a stewardship plan by the World Health organisation (WHO) and the Global Antibiotic Research Development Project (GARDP) for current as well as new drugs.

“We are excited by this collaboration with QuantuMDx and the potential to expand access to high quality testing options to the areas of the world that really need it,” said Dr. Elisa Mokany, SpeeDx Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Patients around the globe are already benefiting from the clinically relevant information provided by SpeeDx tests, but we are cognisant that the current platforms and processes in use to run these tests do not readily translate to all regions of the world.”

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