MG FleXible product

TGA Clears ResistancePlus® MG FleXible for Sale in Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have cleared ResistancePlus® MG FleXible for the Cepheid GeneXpert® System, and it is now available for sale in Australia. This announcement further expands access to Resistance Guided Therapy for Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen) infections, providing a sample-to-answer solution to determine azithromycin resistance. The test utilizes SpeeDx market-leading PlexZyme® technology and is the first product to be released under Cepheid’s FleXible Cartridge programme.

“The availability of ResistancePlus® MG in a FleXible cartridge that runs on the GeneXpert System is a compelling and exciting extension for us,” said Colin Denver, CEO of SpeeDx. “Patients are already benefiting from Resistance Guided Therapy with our central lab tests. Now clinicians can receive resistance information even faster, to support antimicrobial stewardship and more effective antibiotic treatment decisions.”

ResistancePlus® MG FleXible for the Cepheid GeneXpert® is distributed exclusively by Cepheid, find out more.