ResistancePlus™ MG Positive Control

The ResistancePlus™ MG Positive Control kit contains amplification controls for use with the ResistancePlus™ MG kit.

Each positive control vial contains fragments of synthetic DNA sufficient for 10 reactions, designed to simulate wild type M. genitalium or mutant M. genitalium including:

    • MG, 23S rRNA wild type
    • MG, 23S rRNA A2058G
    • MG, 23S rRNA A2059G
    • MG, 23S rRNA A2058T
    • MG, 23S rRNA A2058C
    • MG, 23S rRNA A2059C


Product Size Catalogue # Platform Order
ResistancePlus™ MG Positive Control*† 10 reactions 95001 All Platforms Enquire
ResistancePlus™ MG*† 100 reactions 20001L-01
LC480 II
ABI 7500
 *not for sale in USA
Validated on LightCycler 480 II and ABI 7500 Instruments