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“AMR, another cross-border slow moving tsunami. Early warnings have been issued on AMR and its impact. We must act.”

Dr Margaret Chan Director General of the World Health Organization

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  • Detection
  • Resistance determination
  • Validated on multiple sample types
  • Single well, Multiplex test

SpeeDx is developing rapid diagnostics which provide greater insights into patient conditions from a single test. These tests results improve clinical care outcomes and enable better Antimicrobial Stewardship. SpeeDx partners with experts who champion the development and implementation of rapid diagnostics to address the global challenge of AMR.
antibiotic quote by Dr Margaret Chan
The real implications of spreading drug resistance will be felt all over the world. The situation has become so important that the UK Prime Minister tasked economist Lord Jim O’Neill to analyse the global problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and propose concrete actions to tackle it internationally. Lord O’Neill reported that antimicrobial resistance will significantly increase both public and private health care costs. His evidence suggests that drug resistant infection rates are already rising with numbers suggesting that up to 50,000 lives are lost each year to antimicrobial resistant infections in Europe and the US alone.

“Although antimicrobial resistance is a massive challenge, it is one that I believe is well within our ability to tackle effectively. The human and economic costs compel us to act: if we fail to do so, the brunt of these will be borne by our children and grandchildren, and felt most keenly in the poorest parts of the world.”
– Lord Jim O’Neill

Mycoplasma genitalium is an emerging sexually transmitted infection, this bacterium has developed a high frequency of resistance while we have limited treatment options. This situation necessitates rapid resistance assays which will enable us to spare secondary treatment options. To this point, emerging resistance to secondary treatment options which use fluoroquinolones has already been reported. The time to act is now!

SpeeDx has accepted the challenge of developing rapid diagnostics to support the changing demands of health care systems to effectively tackle the challenge of multi-drug resistant infections.

Tackling Drug-Resistant Infections Globally – 2016

gonorrhoea case study

Full Case Study
All credits towards AMR review and Lord Jim O’Neill

Changing the way STIs are treated


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